THE BOOK is family, like it or not!
A brother and sister depart war-torn Italy in 1947 and cross the Atlantic to reunite with their father in Benton, New Jersey.  As the seasick brunette dreams of eligible Americani, the young fellow dreads the prospect of dealing with his cantankerous Papà.  Meanwhile, in Benton, another Italian-American family bickers over mundane issues with burlesque animation.  Partnerships test the patience of the brothers and domesticity puts the women at odds.

These economically disparate clans, the Camara and the Matteo families, cross paths after Teresa Camara literally bumps into love-starved Mack Matteo.  Instead of letting their mutual attraction evolve slowly into something more, her scheming father takes matters into his own hands, placing their relationship on course for possible disaster.

While the Camara and the Matteo households are fraught with normal sibling rivalry and shared secrets, a few obnoxious family members engage in irreverent and ludicrous behavior, causing total mayhem and discord.  One unscrupulous brother’s involvement in an embezzlement scheme leads to murder.

How the two families cope with the absurdities of love, intimacy and life unfolds in a true comedy of errors, complete with laughter and tears.
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  * * * * * * * * * * 
                               Intent on an American, ambitious Teresa rejects immigrant suitors.
                               Though Mack struggles with his conscience, he keeps his secret.
                               Jake does whatever it takes to shut up his wife.
                               Self-centered Patricia doesn’t realize what getting her way entails.
                               Something or somebody is always weighing Frank down.
                               Dying to be the first, Genva competes with her sister-in-law.
                               Young Juliet is intent on finding a man, Italian or not.
                               Unattractive Mina uses deceitful means to entrap a husband.
                               Signore Camara connives to ensure his own interests.
                               Controlling Signora Matteo annoys her daughter-in-laws.
                               Voluptuous Anna despises the man she married.

                               Antonio doesn't know what he's getting himself into.
                               Detective Canelli’s investigation brings surprising results.
                               Iggy is such a malandrino (rascal).
                                                                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * 
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vishalkhandelwal said...

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Tom Antonaccio said...

Hi Rose: Thanks for sharing the first couple of chapters. I like your writing style...very clean, crisp, and just the right injection of Italian...I'm looking forward to reading the entire story...would love to hear how you you are progressing with promoting your book...I am about the publish a short book about my mother's experiences growing up in Italy during the war...tom

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this first glimpse...husband is Italian American (second generation)...he loved it. I would love to know how you published/promoted also. My 17 year old and I wrote a book about his 16 months with cancer..he passed after a difficult but nevertheless triumphant battle. Enjoy playing scrabble with you too!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed much...thx for sharing through wordbiz...minpin2